Tiffany Barry: Filipino Songs & Culture in the Music Room | S01E15


Are you seeking ways to better represent all students in your classroom, or looking for some great and engaging repertoire to use during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month as well as all year long? Tune in to hear Missy chat with author and teacher Tiffany Unarce Barry about her new song collection, “Songs of the Sun”, a song collection featuring music and activities from her own cultural heritage as a Filipina.

Tiffany Unarce Barry taught general music, ukulele, choir, orchestra, and band for 14 years in the California public school system. She completed Orff Schulwerk certification through the San Francisco International Orff Course and received her bachelor’s, teaching credential, and master’s degrees from the School of Music and Dance at San Jose State University (SJSU). Mrs. Barry is a performer, presenter, and published author. She is also an adjunct professor in
Music Education at SJSU, currently serving as the administrative coordinator of the Three-Summer Master in Music Education Program and the course director of the Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training.





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